Transcendent Prototypes provides low cost prototyping services for everyone

Whether you're an individual, startup or registered company, get in contact for a free consultation.


Concept Development

General concept development such as sketching, cost evaluation or feasibility discussions.

Android Development

Could be a stand alone app or a custom application you want to integrate into your prototype. Android is a great starting platform for any idea due to its significant market saturation.


We can design, develop and assemble your all your prototype electronic requirements.

3D Modeling

Take your idea to the next level by getting it designed in 3 dimensions. 3D CAD is essential for any prototype as it allows others to visualize your idea, essential for gathering support and investment.

3D Printing

Get a functioning 3D model of your design 3D printed.

Other Services

Please contact if you also require general programming, web development, computer vision, home automation projects or other related services. We may still be able to assist, or refer you.



Concept & Sketching

In order to take an idea further you need to be able to successfully explain to others what your idea is and how it works. A sketch is an excellent, cheap and quick way of doing so.



Exploded 3D view of one of our functional prototypes.
3D modelling is the next step from your concept sketches. Engineers, investors and 3D printers will all require a 3D model of your design.



Nimbus is an excellent example of our Android programming capabilities. Though only a side project, Nimbus displays in depth knowledge of the Android operating system.



2 layer PCB for a custom robotic hand with usb/android control, pic32MX564f128h and analog sensing. Click for 4 layer low EMI PCB.

Please note these are just samples and are by no means our only designs or limits of our capabilities. If you're still dubious get in touch anyway and we can discuss your requirements.


Where are you based?

Dunedin, New Zealand

How do I make a payment?

Bank deposit, Paypal, Bitcoin or Cash.

Contact if alternative is required.

How long will it take?

How long a prototype takes to complete is dependent on various factors so please contact me with your specific requirements and ask for an estimated time.

Certain decisions can make a considerable difference in the time till completion. E.g. If you opt to get your PCB's to be fabricated at (slow/cheap/good) it can take often up to 2 - 4 weeks to get your board back. Were you to opt for a NZ company (faster/pricey/good) you're looking at closer 3-7 business days.

How do I know my idea won't be stolen?

A Non Disclosure Agreement is standard practice should you feel it is necessary.

How much will it cost?

Every situation is different but we strive to be the cheapest option available.
We offer even cheaper prices for package deals or customers wanting to engage in long term agreements.
All prices are negotiable. Get in touch and we can talk about options if money is a concern.